- I’ve been trying to get this uploaded for weeks now, it’s been pretty frustrating, it was actually written a couple of weeks ago and it´s taken me this long to process the images and find a suitable internet connection to upload everything, its pretty image heavy but I think it´ll be worth the wait.

In the last 10 days I´ve climbed 3 different volcanoes the last of which, Ijen, I climbed 5 times. Why? Keep reading to find out.

At the crater of the volcano lay vents that pour out sulfuric gases and drip burning hot sulfur onto the floor below. The sulfur hardens and becomes a sold bright yellow rock, which is broken up by the minors loaded into wicker baskets and carried 1km up out of the crater and then 4km down the steep volcanic path, where they weigh there load and load it onto a truck to be taken to a nearby village for processing before ending up being used in the cosmetic industry.

Some minor carry up to 100kg each trip, most of them made 2 trips a day for 15 continuous days before having a day off, starting work in pitch black at 3am to avoid the heat.


Sulfur miner on Ijen. Copyright TomBourdon.co.uk

Sulfur miner in Ijen. Copyright TomBourdon.co.uk


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