July 2011 Wallpaper

I´m back in Penang (Malaysia) for an interesting assignment with the good people at the Penang Heritage Trust, over the last few days we´ve been thrashing out the details and I should begin shooting in the next couple of days. I´ll be here for at least a month, I hope to squeeze in a couple of short trips during this time but it depends how things pan out.

This months wallpaper was shot in Lamalera, Indonesia. While I was waiting for the fishermen to return a group of young boys were amusing themselves  with a plank of wood and some small waves, it always amazes me how much fun (some) children can have with just the things that are laying around them.

Download this months desktop wallpaper here. Let me know if you need another size.

Free July 2011 desktop wallpaper – 1024×768

Free July 2011 desktop wallpaper – 1440×900

Free July 2011 desktop wallpaper – 1600×1050

Free July 2011 desktop wallpaper – 2560×1600

Right click the image and save as desktop wallpaper, easy-peasy.



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