Download preset for Lightroom 4 Day 2

 Lightroom classes

Day 2 of posting a free download preset for Lightroom, these plugins are designed not as a complete processing solution but more to give you a starting point to work from while processing your images.

download preset for Lightroom


Today´s preset is a simple one that boosts the contrast (in several different ways) and brings out a bit more detail in the shadows. This preset was created for Lightroom 4 but may still work in previous versions.

To install the plugin:

– Click the Facebook like button below and the downlonad link will appear.
– Download the zip file to your machine.
– Unzip in a location you will remember.
– Open up Lightroom 4, go to the develop module and locate the presets tab in the left panel.
– Right click one of the folders, select import… and browse to the location where you downloaded the file.
– Select the .lrtemplate file and off you go.

UPDATE: This download preset for Lightroom have been moved to the download section on my Facebook page



Come back tomorrow for another preset.


Tom has now started offering one to one Lightroom classes full details here


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