May 2012 wallpaper for your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android

Wow April has gone already and hopefully the rather depressing weather we’ve been having too. On the plus side the rain a winds do mean I’ve been hidden away and very very nearly finished my new website. Stay tuned for more on that over the next week.

Also don´t forget you can win a copy of Andrew S Gibxon´s ebook Understanding Exposure in yesterdays post.

But back to the present and it´s about time I released the wallpaper for May so here it is. It shows a rather impressive scene indicating how to support your house if you happen to live on the edge of cliff and have nothing more than a few lengths of bamboo. The image was shot in January in Nagaland, India.


May 2012 wallpaper | f/8, 1/500 sec, at 45mm, 200 ISO. Copyright Tom Bourdon | Documentary Travel Photography.

To download May 2012 wallpaper select your screen size from below.

Free May 2012 iPhone wallpaper – 320×480 (iPhone/ipad)

Free May 2012 iPad wallpaper – 1024×1024 (Ipad)

Free May 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1024×768 Free May 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1440×900 (Mac book Pro)

Free May 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1366×768

Free May 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1920×1080

Free May 2012 desktop wallpaper – 2560×1440


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