My Town – Eastbourne

Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.

This is where I grew up. This is where I was born and I lived here until my first trip to Asia at the age of 21. Since then I´ve visited many times but never stayed for more than a week or so at a time and strangely enough never really spent much time shooting here despite the fact I know the area so well. I guess I´ve been caught up with travel and visiting exotic places rather than looking for the images that are right here on my doorstep.

I´ve been trying to resolve this situation and fortunately we´ve been blessed with the most amazing spring weather with sunny days and clear blue skies. Knowing that this surely wont last I´ve been out shooting a fair amount recently and thought I should share a handful of the results.

So don´t think you have to travel to stunning places to take great shots, you´ve just got to look for them, I´m sure there are some great locations close to where you live, you just need to look.

Eastbourne countryside. East Sussex, England.

Eastbourne countryside. East Sussex, England.

Eastbourne Pier, Eastbourne, East Sussex. England.


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