Understanding Exposure. Win a copy of the ebook.

Ebooks are great, although I have to admit I´ve never really got in to the whole ebook thing, but here I am sitting on train flicking through a copy of the latest release from Andrew S Gibson, photographer and technical editor of the outstanding EOS Magazine. I think the reason I´ve not been downloading these digital books is because I travel so much it´s never easy to find the time, or the motivation to sit down and read, and when I final do I prefer to have a real paper book in my hand and use it as a means to escape these digital screens, however I´m starting to realise that perhaps I´ve been missing out.

This book is aimed squarely at Canon EOS users, I should be made clear from the beginning, although most of what the book talks about can easily be transferred to any DSLR camera. Andrew´s book explains not only why your camera, with all its fancy tools, still gets things wrong on many occasions, it continues to explain how to compensate through examples and simple instructions. The book clearly explains how to get your camera working for you.

“Exposure is a fundamental photography skill and essential to creating high quality image. If you get
the exposure wrong even a Photoshop expert soon bumps up against the limits of what can be fixed in
post processing… This book will help you get to grips with exposure on digital cameras”

The book carefully explains each of the fundamental elements before pulling it all together at the end. It´s packed with almost 80 pages of useful information, with great examples and simple diagrams to help you get your head around the underlying principals of exposure. All in all its a damn good book. To purchase the book simply follow this link

All this for only £7 what more could you ask for ??

A discount? well if you use the code exposure2 when you checkout you´ll receive a £2 discount. But be quick as the code expires at midnight, April 30 2012, GMT. What could be better?

A free copy?? I hear you cry, well here´s your chance. I´ve got 3 copies to give away simply share this post by clicking on one of the links bellow. Deadline is May 4th when I will randomly select the winners – one for Facebook, one for Google+ and one for Twitter.

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Winners will be announced here on my blog on Friday 4th April, good luck.


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