June 2012 wallpaper for your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android

I feel so glad to live in such a beautiful town, growing up I didn´t think much of it and was always looking further afield for more and more exotic places, without really seeing what was right under neither my nose. I´ve been back here in Eastbourne for a few months now and things are ticking along nicely, I´m returning to explore old forgotten locations and seeing them in a new light. I´m loving the early mornings, although with the sun rising before 5am and setting after 9pm it certainly does make for some rather long days.

So June’s wallpaper is shot from just a few miles from home and shows the remarkable Seven Sisters Country Park, where the South Downs meets the English Channel in dramatic fashion.

June 2012 wallpaper | f/11, 1/640 sec, at 105mm, 250 ISO. Copyright Tom Bourdon | Documentary Travel Photography.


To download the June 2012 wallpaper select your screen size from below.

Free June 2012 iPhone wallpaper – 320×480 (iPhone/ipad)

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Free June 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1024×768

Free June 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1440×900 (Mac book Pro)

Free June 2012 desktop wallpaper – 1366×768

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Free June 2012 desktop wallpaper – 2560×1440


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