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Gurushots Tips – Panning

Let’s be honest we all want to create photographs that stand out. One way of doing this is by panning. It’s a technique that give your photography that artistic edge that perhaps you are lacking. How To Use Panning To Stand Out Panning is simple and can really add interest to an image. It works… Read More

More fishermen

 The journey so far We are coming to the end of our costal tour of Spain. Soon we will start travelling inland towards Madrid and then back to Barcelona for Christmas and New Year. So far we’ve already clocked up nearly 6,000 kilometres in the last 3 months and have thousands of kilometres planned for… Read More

A simple but beautiful life

Recently I’ve spent most nights camped up on the edge of a beach somewhere along the South coast of Spain. The entire coast is dotted with great spots where, at least at this time of the year, you can simply park up and spend a few nights of bliss. That’s not to say I haven’t… Read More

Updates from the South of Spain

Recently I’ve been spending time in some interesting places, one of with is this old gold mine on the edge of a sleepy town named Rodalquilar in province of Almeria, Spain. The province is better known for it’s fresh fruit and vegetables, but once upon a time gold was a great source of income for… Read More

Gurushots – Top Tips

Anyone who knows me, or who has been following me on one of the social networks (Facebook, Instagram) will no doubt have heard me harp on about Gurushots. I’ve been working with them for several years now. Recently things have really taken off and the site is now one of the most popular photography websites… Read More

Updates from the East of Spain

I’m now one month into #vanlife, I’m not certain I officially qualify for #vanlife as my ‘van’ is over 7 metres long. These past few weeks have flown by, I can’t believe how fast the days are passing. With winter approaching the days are definitely getting shorter, but it’s not that. I think it’s more to… Read More

What is Gurushots?

Many of you may have been following me for a while and heard me mention Gurushots without actually knowing what it is. So, and this is probably long overdue. I thought I’d write this brief introduction to answer the question What is Gurushots? So, what is Gurushots all about? Gurushots is the world’s greatest game… Read More

Instagram Stories

I’m a bit of a late comer to this one but the other day I discovered Instagram stories. I’ve been on Instagram for a while but never really got me butt in gear and used it as a tool. My problem with Instagram was simple, whenever I looked at it I saw photos of dogs,… Read More

Kiddy’s correfoc

During the summer months every town and city in Spain will host some kind of celebration, or fiesta as they as known here. It’s part of the reason I’ve been here so long. You may have heard of some of these fiestas such as the running of the bulls or tomatina. There are literally thousands more often on a smaller scale but still held with great pride and vigor. In the north eastern region of Catalonia one of the standard events that take place at these fiestas is the correfoc.

This past weekend it was the children’s turn. Under strict (not) adult supervision and the appropriate safety gear (hardly) the kids were let lose to run through the streets holding sticks with fireworks on the end.

Sounds mad, is mad.

Around 9pm and with great excitement the first fireworks were lit and the madness began. I was surprised at the age of some of the participants, I swear some of them were no older than 4 or 5.

The event lasted nearly 2 hours and at the end of the evening I was glad to head home burn free.

I´ve put together a gallery of a few of the shots I took that evening. Next Saturday it’s the turn of the grown ups, expect more sparks, more madness and more burns!