Want To Know The Secrets Of Gurushots?

If you really want to know the secrets of winning Gurushots from one of the sites leading Guru Pros then wait no longer. This is the only ebook that will give you all the information you need not only to take better photographs but also to move up the ranks quickly on Gurushots. Learn the Gurushots tips now!

The ebook is packed with tricks and techniques to turn the game in your favour, there really is no other ebook that explains all these things.

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The Secrets Are Out !

Reading Gurushots tips ebook

You’ll learn:

  • How Gurushots really works & make it work for you
  • How to select the right image, half the battle is deciding what image to submit
  • Uncover what wins, important knowledge like this can make all the difference
  • How to get the Guru Pros to notice your work & get them to vote for you!
  • About composition, exposure, telling a story and much more 
  • Processing techniques, create photos that get more votes
  • Lots of Gurushots tips, tricks and advice from one of the sites top Guru Pros

And most importantly… how to move up the ranks quicker

Over 90 Pages of Gurushots tips, tricks & advice.

That’s right over 90 pages of detailed information to help get the most out of Gurushots and to get you moving up the ranking to reach Guru status in super fast speed.

 Pages from Gurushots tips ebook

DISCOUNTED PRICE: 20% OFF  Normally $25.99

Today Only: $20.50

20.50$ | BUY NOW !
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This ebook is for you if you…

  • Are stuck in the ranking and just can’t move up to the next level
  • Want the Gurus to vote for your photographs
  • Want to get to Guru status in record time
  • Are new to Gurushots and want to get the most out of the platform
  • Want to get more exposure & more votes
  • Want to take better photographs than ever before
How the Voting System Works
Theme v’s Image
Selecting the Right Image
Shoot for a Win
Process for a Win
Should I Process My Photos?
How to Get a Guru’s Pick
Self Check List
A cup of coffee and Gurushots tips ebook

What people are saying

I’m super excited to put some of this in to practice, this ebook has opened my eyes to things I hadn’t thought about before. I can’t wait for more challenges to start. I love Gurushots more than ever now!

Lucy Merchant 

I bought this book with the idea that it would help me perform better in the GuruShots challenges. It did way more than that. No doubt about it, it gave me a much more clear insight into how the challenges work, and how to optimize my chances at performing well and getting my photos seen by the gurus running the challenges.

Testimonial 1

Koenraad De Roo

I wish I would have had this book on the day I joined GuruShots. Tom cuts the learning curve down considerably. Now, a year into the game I have found a host of new insights, tricks and techniques that are of great value and will definitely help me in my quest to reach Guru Status. A fast and easy read well worth the money. Thank you Tom for a great product!

Testimonial 2

Earl Ward

Easy to read and understand! Learned new tricks from this E -book and definitely answers a lot of those questions that are not in FAQ’s for the game!

Testimonial 3

Ivan Cohene 

DISCOUNTED PRICE: 20% OFF  Normally $25.99

Today Only: $20.50

20.50$ | BUY NOW !
OFFER ENDS SOON ! Don’t miss out


Full Contents Page    
3. Introductions
4. What is Gurushots
6. How does Gurushots work?
9. Features of Gurushots
15. Common questions
17. How to win
19. How to get a Guru Pick
22. Guru Pro Analysis
28. What wins?
33. When to boost
34. Adult content
30. Which photo?
38. Theme V’s image
39. Better photographs
40. Exposure
45. Composition
60. Watermarks
61. Storytelling
63. Technically excellent
65. Intent
66. Post processing
72. Cropping
74. Global adjustments
76. Local adjustments
77. Case studies
85. Process the story
91. Self checklist
92. Gurushots in statistics
94. Fun facts


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DISCOUNTED PRICE: 20% OFF  Normally $25.99

Today Only: $20.50

20.50$ | BUY NOW !
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About the Author

Who is Tom? Tom is a multi award winning travel photographer specialising in recording cultural festivals & celebrations across the globe. Tom has been working with Gurushots since day one and in that time has given the all important Guru Top Pick to over 12,000 photographs. So you could say he knows a thing or two about Gurushots.

Tom is keen to encourage photographers on their journey, so keep an eye out for his personal mentoring sessions and free Gurushots tips emails.