What is Gurushots?

Many of you may have been following me for a while and heard me mention Gurushots without actually knowing what it is. So, and this is probably long overdue. I thought I’d write this brief introduction to answer the question What is Gurushots?

So, what is Gurushots all about?

Gurushots is the world’s greatest game for photographers, a bold statement but I believe it to be true. It’s fun and social. It doesn’t matter if you are a  hobbyist or a professional, they offer photographers a real time and captivating way to share your passion and win prizes. You begin as a “Newbie”, and as you show grit, determination, and talent, while battling your way one challenge at a time. The status of “Guru” is within your reach.

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However becoming a Guru will be challenging. Success comes only with commitment. Show the world your creative eye, your impeccable sense of timing, your determination and patience to get that one shot. That award-winning shot.

At GuruShots, you are part of a community that wants you to win. We want to see your best images that capture our imagination. Gurushots is not only a strong, vibrant and rapidly growing community of like minded photographers, they also give you the chance to win prizes. Real prizes. In fact, at the time of writing, Gurushots have given away over $300,000 in prizes and exhibited work in galleries across the world from over 3000 photographers.

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This isn’t a Gurushots review

I want to be honest with your here. I say I am not going to write a Gurushots review because my opinion may well be, no make that definitely is, biased. I’ve been working with Gurushots since it was founded and I’ve given the all important Guru Top Pick to over 12,000 photographs. So, any Gurushots review I give will be seen as unreliable. I think it’s best for you to simply sign up and check it out for yourselves.

However, I can offer you some tips and advice as to how to move up the ranks faster and how get more votes. Simply sign up in the form below and I’ll send you a couple of tips to get you going. I’ll then share more tips with you in the future.

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