Bear Dance Traditions (part 2)

While I’ve been putting together a gallery of photos from the Bear Dancing in Romania to go in the portfolio section of my website I came across more images that I wanted to share with you. No doubt some will make it into the collection, others won’t.

If you missed my post last week on the Bear Dance you can check it out here

Over the last week I’ve learnt plenty more about the traditions and festivals that go on throughout the winter months in Moldova and beyond. Many people have contacted me with extra information, so a big thanks to those who did. There are still conflicting thoughts about the history and the exact reason the tradition came about but many Romainians I have spoken too are certainly very passionate about it.

Back here in Spain my adventure continues and the plan is to drive towards the South of Italy in search of warmer waether and pizzas! If you have any suggestions as to where to visit I’d love to hear them. As always I’m looking for the less touristy places. Sure I’ll make a trip to most of the big cities but if you know somewhere small and interesting let me know. I’ll write another post soon to keep you updated.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with these photos from Romania, as always feel free to leave comments below 🙂

A young woman dressed in her bear skin makes her way along the street to join a procession.


A man paints a bear’s tongue preparing a bear skin for a dance. 


A man dances during a procession in Bacua, Romania.


The troupes of bears are kept in order by the ursari (animal trainer)


Men, women and children wearing real bear skins take to the streets to dance in this unusual New Year celebration.


A topless youth dances and whistles during a performance in Moinesti, Romania


A young woman sits down to climb into her bear skin.


A toupe walk past traditional houses on the outskirts of Comanesti, Romania.
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